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Mind, Body
& Flow with
Josh Donaldson

Meet Flow's newest ambassador, the one and only, Pro Athlete and MVP, Josh Donaldson. Like us Josh loves Flow Water and will be helping Flow promote complete & mindful hydration. We will have amazing content coming throughout the summer about how Josh experiences Mind, Body & Flow.

This summer, Flow will be announcing exclusive Mind, Body & Flow Fitness Pop-Up events in your favourite gym, yoga studio and fitness class across Canada, hosted by premier local trainers.

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A lot of
positivity in every drop

Essential minerals like Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium Carbonate give Flow its unique silky taste and healthful properties like a naturally high pH to offset modern acidic diets and electrolytes to keep the body more hydrated.

We didn't stop there

Our package is as positive as our water. It's made from renewable materials that are non-PET and BPA free. Cartons are transportation efficient. Fewer trucks = less fuel = less green house gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint and yours.

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Flow is available at major retailers but, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, and want to minimize your carbon footprint even more, we can deliver Flow to your door weekly with one of our electric powered vehicles. At the same time we will pick up your empty water packs and recycle them for you.

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Our story so far

We imagined a bottled water brand that was naturally healthful. Not filtered or altered tap water owned by a major corporation. We looked for an alternative to the plastic bottle, a package with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We stopped looking and we started creating.